Month: August 2012

on running and shin splints…

Apparently my great Grandfather walked to the gold fields when he was young. Apparently lots of people did the same. It wasn’t that marvellous a feat- although to us it certainly seems so. To me, today, it seems flipping miraculous…and… Read More ›

step by step

Todays lunar energy is all about getting real. The Moon in Capricorn is very business-like, very much aligned to goal-setting and the understanding that the only way in which you will achieve the big goals is through hard work. Step… Read More ›

going for goal

So, there we were in the middle of a session when he popped the big question. My trainer asked me what my goals were. Goal- the ultimate in four letter words. We have been training together for about 18 months… Read More ›


So there I am stripped down to bra and knickers for the “before” photo. I find a copy of last weekends paper to hold as visual proof of the date and proceed to try and take a selfie in the… Read More ›

because I’m worth it…

I’ve just signed up to Michelle Bridges 12week Body Transformation- or 12WBT as those of us in the know refer to it. This is a proven program, yet still an interesting decision for me for a number of reasons: I… Read More ›