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So, there we were in the middle of a session when he popped the big question. My trainer asked me what my goals were. Goal- the ultimate in four letter words.

We have been training together for about 18 months and my weight had gone up not down. He was trying to get to the bottom of why.

‘Because I eat too much, drink too much and don’t move enough,’ I replied.

‘But you know what you have to do- I can’t physically stop you from eating.’ He paused for breath before continuing, ‘I don’t understand it. You know what to eat- you know more about nutrition than most dieticians I know. You know how hard you need to train. You say you want to lose weight, so why don’t you?’

How could I tell him it wasn’t as simple as just eating what I know that I should or training as I know that I should? It’s not that simple.

‘OK, it’s time to get serious.  I think we need to discuss your goals,’ he said, waiting for my response. When none was forthcoming he continued: ‘What are your goals?’

‘To lose weight,’ I reply. Duh. Like I would be down here submitting myself to this pain if I didn’t want that?

‘How much?’ he asked.

‘Ummm, 20 kgs sounds like a nice round number.’

‘By when?’

‘Ummm, I don’t really have anything to look forward to- like a holiday, so how do I choose a by when time?’

He raised his eyebrows at me.

‘What does 20kgs mean?’

I was long past enjoying this conversation. ‘It means that I can buy nice clothes again.’ What did he think it would mean?

‘Is that all?’

‘No, I want to look good in jeans, I want to feel better about myself and I don’t want my feet to hurt when I wear heels.’

‘Why do you wear shoes that hurt?’

‘They don’t when I am sitting down, but the heavier I get, the more weight ends up on the ball of my foot, so it hurts,’ I reply.

I also want to feel sexy again. Whilst I am very married, it would still be nice to attract a little attention- it’s energising.

I also want to buy nice lingerie- I want panties, not works of engineering. I want swimmers that don’t require extra support and I want my clothes to take up less room in my suitcase.

I want to be able to bend over without my tummy getting in the way and I want to be able to sit on the floor again without requiring support to get back up. I want to be able to get in and out of a chair without making old peoples groaning noises. I don’t want to feel as if the weight of my boobs are dragging my face down to join them.

‘You’re the one that needs to set your own goals. You have to plan for your own success- that means setting a realistic time based target for sensible weight loss.’

Whoa! Now we are sounding way too much like work. He also used two words in the same breath that I have issues with- “realistic” and “sensible”…I’m a Pisces for Gods sake. What is this- a freaking project plan, complete with milestones and dependencies? Apparently so.  I have no problems running full scale projects at work, and I have no problems setting work based goals and targets. I know the theory inside out, so why should this be any different? It isn’t very different at all, and yet it is very different. Same same but different.

So, here are my goals.

My overall target is to lose 30kgs. Having said that, I am wary of setting such a goal- not because I think I can’t do it…on the contrary I know that I will. More that I don’t really want a fan-fare type of finish date- this is a plan for life, not just for 30kgs.

Also, with Saturn in Aries I’m aware that my short term targets will be more important than my longer term ones. Having said that, I’m not going out any further than 3 months. These are realistic and achievable…they are, however, stretch targets as well and will push my resolve.

Month 1: End date Sunday 23/9/12

Weight loss: 5kgs

Fitness Target: run 2kms without stopping

Month 2: End date Sunday 21/10/12

Total Weight loss: 10kgs

Fitness Target: run 5kms without stopping

Month 3: End date Sunday 11/11/12

Total weight loss: 15kgs

Fitness Target: run 10kms without stopping

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  1. Thanks for sharing, good luck with all your goals 🙂


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