more challenges & a funeral

This has been a tough week.

My Nan passed away on Saturday and the funeral was on Wednesday.

I know the logic of planning and re-empting danger days, but you know what? There’s a part of me that doesn’t think it’s great etiquette to turn up to a funeral wake with my own food. Call me old fashioned. Whatever.

And yes, to be honest, I was more interested in grieving my grandmother than faffing about with calorie counts on Wednesday. Call me selfish. Whatever.

I’d trained hard in the morning, had a nutritious breakfast and nibbled a couple (and I mean a couple) of those little sammies they tend to have at things like that.

The in between bits were as they should be. A lot of tears and a lot of laughter.

Then I came home and toasted Nan with a couple of glasses of wine. If I’d bothered to count, I would have exceeded my quota for the day. I could also have beaten myself up about it. But the whole part of this journey this time is about being nice to myself- because I haven’t been nice to me for a very long time. And I’m worth it.

Having said that, emotion is draining and we were all drained by the time it was over.

Funerals bring out the worst in people- especially in the lead up. Bickering and petty squabbles when really the only person that matters is the one who we are mourning.

Anyways, that is all behind me.

I have a big training session planned this morning. With just 2 and a bit weeks to go before the Bridge Run, I’ll be doing the distance today. Thanks to the winter from hell (health wise) I’m still walking more than I’m running. I’m definitely walking more than I planned to be at this point in the process. But again I’m saying “whatever”…

I’ve been doing this longer walk/run each Friday for a while now. Friday nights are always our night out, and having done this first makes me feel quite virtuous. And I love the way my muscles want to settle into the mattress when I finally hit it that evening.

Full Moon tonight in absolutely anything is possible so dream as big as you can dream it Pisces. Emotions will be fully charged, but so will your fantasies and imagination- and that can be kinda cool.

I like to use this energy for visualising- you know a picture of you being and doing your dream. Just make sure that it is you in that dream and not someone who looks a lot like Jennifer Hawkins!


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