12wbt bloggers challenge: week 1

And now for the weekly blog challenge. I reckon I’m going to succeed on this thing just because I will be so busy blogging I won’t have time to eat!

Describe yourself in 50 words:

Check out my last post…I reckon it says it all!

This program is called a transformation- what is it about myself that I want to transform?

For me this round is all about the inner work- learning self respect.

It occurred to me only last week just how much of myself I apologise for. It’s nothing dreadfully obvious- just the way that I morph myself into someone different depending on who I’m with. That’s a Pisces thing.

My challenge is to be me– unapologetically in all my left of centre glory…and to be proud of me and nice to me. That’s it. And that has to come from within. The plans we follow on this is simply me removing the noise in the process.

What is it about myself that I am happy with right now?

Right now I am closer than I have been in my life to living my dream- career wise. That satisfies me.

Having said that, there is a deep core of unhappiness within me that I project onto things that are actually otherwise ok…but I’m not dwelling on that.

The aspect of the program that will present me with the toughest challenge?

Sticking to the plan. I’m a shocker for being told what to do, so I’ve compromised with substituting just a few meals a week with my own recipes. It makes me feel that I’m in the driving seat and that I haven’t abdicated control.

Oh, and wine.

What is it you look forward to the most in the next 12 weeks?

Finishing the first draft of my book. Being brave enough to start the round of looking for a publisher. Going to Melbourne with my daughter in the school holidays.

What I want to see, think and feel when I look in the mirror on Sunday 18 November?

Someone who fitted into her 50’s style LBD for her friends 50th birthday in Wellington the night before. I want to see sore feet from dancing, and a few bags under the eyes from a night on the tiles. But more than anything, I want to see sparkle.


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