top 5 favourite workout songs

Favourite workout songs? So I can’t count…and that says more about my boundaries and structures than I would like to admit!

On my workout playlist, the following have been played more than any others- although that could be the shuffle…

  1. Pandemonium by Pet Shop Boys. This version is a live mix with Can You Forgive Her and has a cool electronic drum riff toward the end that I bang away on the treadmill to- much to the embarrassment of my daughter.
  2. Edge of Glory Lady Gaga. Seriously, how much more inspired is it possible to be?
  3. Jet-lagged by Simple Plan. I miss travelling… This reminds me of when I’m away.
  4. Mr Brightside by The Killers. A absolute classic.
  5. Timebomb, by Kylie Minogue. I so want the jacket she wears in the film clip.
  6. Love You Right, by Euphoria. This one has been on my ipod for years- and I’m still not sick of it. This is a really poor quality version of the clip, but I remember when it first came out (with a very young Simon Baker in it) I really wanted the multi coloured jacket she wears. Yes, there is a theme happening here. The year this song came out, I was at my lowest ever weight- 58kgs. We had a holiday in Singapore and I could actually shop. I remember buying a blue tie dyed g string leotard. OMG, that one has to rate as being my biggest fashion faux pas, but it worked so well in the gym 🙂
  7. On Your way to the Disco, by Rogue Traders. Just love this. I remember a BodyPump release used it once for the bicep track. I miss the original artists in Les Mills releases as well. Don’t get me started.
  8. Part of Me, by Katie Perry. An amazing revenge- that appeals to the part of me that’s influenced by Scorpio. And the beat’s great.
  9. Dance Floor Anthemby Good Charlotte. This one pushes me when I need it.
  10. Even Better Than the Real Thing, by Dead or Alive. Take me higher!

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  1. hey if you want the Euphoria one, it is on the latest album from the Offspring TV series…

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