Week 2 Bloggers Challenge: Rewards

I posted a few weeks ago about my goals on this journey:

Month 1: End date Sunday 23/9/12

Weight loss: 5kgs

Fitness Target: run 2kms without stopping

Month 2: End date Sunday 21/10/12

Total Weight loss: 10kgs

Fitness Target: run 5kms without stopping

Month 3: End date Sunday 18/11/12

Total weight loss: 15kgs

Fitness Target: run 10kms without stopping

If you want to read the whole post in all its glory, the link is here.

Truth is, as a Pisces, I don’t do goals well- they’re like boundaries, I feel that they limit me.

On the other hand, they also provide a focus that I need…although after a week of shin pain, the running targets are looking very, shall we say, hopeful.

Goals are to me a little like food intolerances- you know you are drawn to a behaviour that you know is not good for you. Like me and white bread- my tummy doesn’t like it, yet, I’m drawn to it.

Likewise goals- they don’t fit my self image of a free wheeling, let’s just see what happens, how hard can it be, type of gal. Hmmmm. Nope, it’s not working for me.

So, I admit that goals are a necessary evil. I refuse to set myself an end point though- that is was too limiting.

Now to the question of reward.

If I was an Earthy type of girl, I could probably say that as long as I know what I’ve done, that’s enough. But I’m not that well evolved. Hard work for the sake of hard work doesn’t turn me on. I’m a horizon thinker- I need to see that little flash of light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t have the faith required to continue in the dark.

As I said, I’m not that evolved…yet.

Rewarding myself is an integral part of that evolution. It’s all about self- respect and showing myself that I’m worth it.

In the past, though, when I’ve set rewards, I’ve done it (the reward) even when I haven’t achieved the target. Like the time my friend & I booked a holiday to Bali to celebrate losing 20kgs before we lost the weight. I lost 3 kgs, she put on 5.

So, I’ll be rewarding myself after the fact only if I achieve the target. The reward for the monthly milestone is a massage. As for the others? I set the reward each month- may as well keep myself guessing….


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  1. LOVE IT! I so identify with not setting goals – that way you never fail (well sort of) to live up to your own expectations. I’ve basically proved I set my goals way too low because I just could not imagine where I have ended up!!!! Luckily, unlike you I have never been one to set rewards for just the sort of reasons you outline. Even buying new clothes that fit mer feels suspiciously like a reward and that I can settle back into complacency. Milestone celebrations that aren’t set in advance sounds like a great plan to me.
    What’s your next milestone?
    How important is it to you?
    Can you actually see yourself there & how good will you feel when you achieve it?

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