the beyond-ness of running…

the view at the end

I’m doing the Bridge Run on Sunday.

It’s a 9km walk/run/whatever across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, through the streets and finishing at the Botanical Gardens. You can read a bit about it here.

I did it last year with a friend- it was sort of an accidental entry- a BUI (Booking Under the Influence) incident. On our second bottle of very good Kiwi pinot gris both of us said, “how hard can it be?” and signed up on the spot. After the first 6 weeks of training as we were comparing the amount we had each spent on physios (her) and chiropractors (me), we started to work out just how hard it really can be.

This year I’m doing it alone- she is on a boat somewhere in the Mediterranean sipping cocktails.

I’ve had a bad winter health wise, have a dodgy right knee, a manky left ankle, killer shin splints and the leftovers of blisters the size of Texas on the ball of each foot. I’m not feeling overly positive.

I’m using the winter as an excuse, but the truth is, after last years “run” I literally did not get back on a treadmill for 7 months. I completely stopped. And that was a mistake. Instead of improving, I had to start again, but this time from a heavier and year older base.

I’ve just had a cuppa with some friends who are doing the Marathon. Both are so focused. One, (Scorpio Sun with Leo Rising Moon) was telling me how he separates emotionally from the pain by visualising how other muscle groups are working. I don’t get it. I wish I did, but I don’t.

The other, my BMF, isn’t quite as single minded. An Aries Sun with a Scorpio Moon, he doesn’t detach quite as effectively- Scorpio doesn’t just attach, it merges. On the upside, it is, however, what gives him the focus and determination to train through the winter and finish this event on Sunday.

I think it’s a Moon thing. And here am I bleating on about my shin splints when I know in my own head that I haven’t done the work I need to do. And I don’t mean just the physical work, I mean the head stuff too- that is so much more of the battle. I know that- rationally. I just don’t get it.

As for separating from the pain, I attach emotionally to it and in doing so, attach to the attachment. Perhaps it’s a Pisces no boundaries thing. But surely there must be a way I can train my brain to go beyond the shins- after all, beyond-ness is definitely a Pisces thing.

Running 10kms has always been a bit of a goal for me, yet I haven’t got past 5. This week with all the leg pain I’ve had I’ve mentally given up on it. In fact, I declared last night ‘I think everyone is right- I don’t think running is for me.’

But after talking to the boys I’m thinking again that this is a mental boundary I have erected that needs to be swept away. I’m not sure that I can be satisfied with giving up on it. That seems too easy. And that surprises me. I feel somehow that I’m stronger than that.

So, I’ll do the best that I can on Sunday and rather than stop this time, keep going. It’s all in the head.


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  1. Good luck on your run!

    Remember, the best thing you can do for you and your body, is to go go a nice, easy short(3 or 4k) run on tuesday. Then, run again Thursday and Saturday, even if it’s just a few km each day…you don’t want it to be another 7 months before you are up and moving again!

    Have fun! It’s gonna be awesome!

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