Keeping the balance….

The Moon is about to shake hands with Saturn for the last time this cycle. By the time the Moon is next in Libra, Saturn will have moved into Scorpio for the next 2 ½ or so years.

Venus ruled Libra is very much about sugar and spice and all things nice. Venus is sugar. In the body, Libra looks after pretty well everything that needs balancing. Saturn is about restriction, limitation and aging.

It is probably no surprise that the popularity of sugar free diets has increased hugely over the last few years.

The literature and the science is compelling- especially for those of us who have metabolic or hormonal issues such as PCOS and insulin resistance problems. Having said that, Libra represents balance and refinement, and I can’t help but think that balance is one thing that has gone off the table during this debate.

The Moon in Libra is generally not one for emotional eating. It is, however, a time when we should be thinking about moderation. Anything else can upset your digestive balance.

Take care also to make sure you’re drinking enough water- Libra also rules the kidneys.

The other thing about Libra is to keep the flavours subtle and refined. In view of this, on my menu tonight is some steamed Asian spiced fish with chinese vegetables and a little steamed rice. The perfect balanced meal.


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  1. How interesting….. I just made the decision to up my water intake today!

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