catching up…

So I’m playing catch up again on the blog a day challenge…

Here goes:

Day 18- What’s Your Favourite Workout?

I’ve fallen back in love with swimming.

As a water sign, swimming is perfect for me. As a Pisces it provides an almost meditative state.

I’ve swum all my life- until a couple of years ago when I blew some unpronounceable muscle in the back of my shoulder while boxing. I still can’t dive- well I can, but it hurts. As the pressure of the water hits my fingers it jolts back through into the shitty shoulder. Whatever. My butterfly days are well and truly over and I also can’t tumble turn anymore- for the same reason. Again, whatever.

The ankle and shin issues I’ve been prattling on about in here have meant that swimming is currently my recuperative workout of choice.

The problem for me is, because I’ve swum all my life, the muscle memory kicks in very early and I don’t feel like I work hard enough. I’m experimenting a bit with some interval training and pull buoy drills. Which leads me neatly into…

Day 19- What are your 5 must have fitness items?

Ok, this is what’s in my fin bag:

  1. Black Speedos- I think I’ve had at least one pair of black speedos in my drawer since I first started competing at about the age of 10. My tummy has not seen daylight since.
  2. Goggles- I use zoggs…or speedo. They must fit snugly, be fog proof and let not the teeniest of drips in. Unfortunately at my age, the goggle marks hang around just a little longer than they should- my skin doesn’t spring back as it used to.
  3. Long Hair Swimming Cap- Speedo make these. They’re hard to get your hands on, but when you have as much hair as me this is the only cap that stays on.
  4. Pull Buoy, Fins and Kickboard- essential for drills. I hate the kickboard more than I can say and, with my ankle in the state it currently is in, the fins are currently on hold.
  5. Moroccan Oil: After rinsing out the chlorine, this puts a hold on the inevitable dreadlocks. It also smells nicer than chlorine.

Day 20- What book would you recommend others read and why?

Changing Habits, Changing Lives, by Cyndi O’Meara. The link to her website is here.

I first read this book a number of years ago on holiday, and what I love about it is the gentleness of the approach. It really appeals to my rather watery tendencies. One habit at a time is terrific for those of us battling to separate emotion from mindset.


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  1. I wish I had your passion for swimming. I swear Im not as much pisces as I should be lol I struggle with swimming.

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