Month: September 2012

trick or treat?

Todays blog a day challenge is all about treat meals, what I had, how it made me feel… yep. I had a treat meal last night. Shock horror, I hear you say. That wasn’t on the plan! No, it wasn’t,… Read More ›

5 strengths…

I had to think long and hard about this one. I’d really love to be able to list strengths that are admirable and will help me make a success of this journey, but the one thing I’ve learned while I’m… Read More ›

10 reasons to train early

In the interests of full disclosure, I originally published this post earlier this winter on my other site And Anyways… but, as todays Blog A Day topic is “When do you train- morning or night- and why?” it fits the… Read More ›

3 Foods

12wbt Blog a Day Challenge #3: 3 Foods I have problems giving up This is an interesting one- because I don’t intend giving up anything. I’ve always been an all or nothing girl and complete deprivation is a cycle to… Read More ›

blame it on the moon

Ever noticed how some times of the month you have more energy that others? Sure there is that time, but there are also some days where you just feel like jumping out of your skin and other days where you want… Read More ›

top 5 favourite workout songs

Favourite workout songs? So I can’t count…and that says more about my boundaries and structures than I would like to admit! On my workout playlist, the following have been played more than any others- although that could be the shuffle…… Read More ›