2012- it’s so yesterday…


Another year over, another cycle over.

For those of us into astrology, our year coincides with the seasons of the signs- and that is when the Sun moves into the first sign of the zodiac- Aries.

If you’re interested in how my year was, I’ve written about it here over at and anyways.

I’ll be starting my yeast free, wine free thingie tomorrow, and busy making friends with quinoa, but for tonight the Moon is in Leo, and that can only mean one thing- part-ay!

Each zodiac sign is “ruled” by a planet, associated with a planet. In the case of Leo, this “planet” is the Sun, and the Sun, as we know, is at the centre of the Universe. Everyone else gravitates around it, and it, in turn, generously warms and casts light on all it sees. Without the Sun, we wouldn’t have light.

In the body, Leo is responsible for the heart. Same deal.

Leo, then, is warm, generous and more than just a little attention seeking.

When the Moon is in Leo, the urge is to express yourself with love and generosity. I daresay before tonight is out there’ll be quite a few “I love you man”s taking place in pubs, bars and parties around the country.

The other thing, when the Moon is in Leo, is the tendency to live a little larger than usual, a little louder than usual, go overboard a little more than usual, drink and eat a little more than usual…but then hey, it is the end of the year after all. And what better way to say goodbye to 2012.

Happy New Year to you all.

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