2013- with intent…

I’m not making any weight based goals this year. Usually I go for an even 20kgs. This year, if I was setting goals, it would have to increase by 10kgs. I’m not setting any goals. It doesn’t mean that I… Read More ›

rules of expansion

I’ve stopped expanding. That’s a good thing. The slow process of contraction has commenced. That’s a good thing too- although the speed, or lack thereof, is frustrating. It’s only been in the last couple of weeks- in fact, it’s only… Read More ›

Moving Mountains

When it comes to weight loss, emotions are apparently the bad guys. When it comes to weight loss success we’re told to dial back the emotions and dial up the logic. I get that, but I don’t get that. I… Read More ›

step by step

Todays lunar energy is all about getting real. The Moon in Capricorn is very business-like, very much aligned to goal-setting and the understanding that the only way in which you will achieve the big goals is through hard work. Step… Read More ›

going for goal

So, there we were in the middle of a session when he popped the big question. My trainer asked me what my goals were. Goal- the ultimate in four letter words. We have been training together for about 18 months… Read More ›