My Journey

top 5 favourite workout songs

Favourite workout songs? So I can’t count…and that says more about my boundaries and structures than I would like to admit! On my workout playlist, the following have been played more than any others- although that could be the shuffle…… Read More ›

10 things about me

So, for this 12wbt blog a day challenge thingie I need to come up with 10 things about me. Because I like to bend the rules a tad and always colour outside the lines, I’m giving you 4 lists: Who… Read More ›

on running and shin splints…

Apparently my great Grandfather walked to the gold fields when he was young. Apparently lots of people did the same. It wasn’t that marvellous a feat- although to us it certainly seems so. To me, today, it seems flipping miraculous…and… Read More ›

going for goal

So, there we were in the middle of a session when he popped the big question. My trainer asked me what my goals were. Goal- the ultimate in four letter words. We have been training together for about 18 months… Read More ›


So there I am stripped down to bra and knickers for the “before” photo. I find a copy of last weekends paper to hold as visual proof of the date and proceed to try and take a selfie in the… Read More ›

because I’m worth it…

I’ve just signed up to Michelle Bridges 12week Body Transformation- or 12WBT as those of us in the know refer to it. This is a proven program, yet still an interesting decision for me for a number of reasons: I… Read More ›