rules of expansion

I’ve stopped expanding. That’s a good thing. The slow process of contraction has commenced. That’s a good thing too- although the speed, or lack thereof, is frustrating. It’s only been in the last couple of weeks- in fact, it’s only… Read More ›

catching up…

So, I’m playing catch ups. I do that a lot. This time it’s catch ups with the daily blog challenge… Day 24: A piece of advice you’ll never forget My Mum always told me that if there’s somebody who really… Read More ›

catching up…

So I’m playing catch up again on the blog a day challenge… Here goes: Day 18- What’s Your Favourite Workout? I’ve fallen back in love with swimming. As a water sign, swimming is perfect for me. As a Pisces it… Read More ›

Moving Mountains

When it comes to weight loss, emotions are apparently the bad guys. When it comes to weight loss success we’re told to dial back the emotions and dial up the logic. I get that, but I don’t get that. I… Read More ›

Cutting the Crap

I’ve been thinking a lot about de-cluttering lately. It tends to happen when the Sun is in the sign of Virgo. Spring cleaning for us here in the Southern Hemisphere, harvest time in the north. Virgo, you see, at its… Read More ›


I’ve mentioned before on these pages the challenges that I have around snacks. So, confession time. The hours between 4pm and dinner are the biggest danger hours for me. I don’t eat sweets, dessert, whatever, so never have anything after… Read More ›